Why Buy With Us

We will work closely with you to find that perfect home you are looking for!

Happy Buyers

Negotiating Your Purchase

Successful negotiating is an acquired skill based on learning how to understand the needs of both buyer and seller. It takes careful listening, observing and understanding spoken comments as well as unspoken gestures and expressions. To negotiate it all, knowledge, honesty, integrity, and a good amount of good instincts is essential to getting  the best possible price and terms and produce a “win-win” for both sides of the transaction.

From Contract to Closing

Having an agreed upon and signed document does not a closed-sale make. Walking a contract through from its actual signing into a closed sale requires knowledge, experience, coordination, methodology, problem solving skills and agility.  Many unpredictable and unexpected issues can arise during the sale process, such as with appraisals, financing, inspections, repairs, HOA requirements, insurance, clouds in titles, etc, which will require the expertise of a professional to get resolved. Without careful attention and experience bringing all the different steps into harmony, the contract may fall through and fail to close. We at Team Results 4 U Real Estate, will make certain that ALL things are lined up correctly and coordinated to ensure the successful closing of YOUR sale.

Our Love-It Or Leave-It Guarantee

Buy with Confidence! We understand that life can change and the unexpected can happen.  During the first 6 months of your purchase, if unforeseen circumstances happen or if you are not happy with the home you purchased and you need to sell, we will list your property at 50% of our Agency’s standard sales commission.